Transitional Life Coach

Rosemary Joan McDermott

They hold the best of who we are in a safe place as we try to find the way back home to our innermost self.  Love is the foremost gift that I offer in my service to my grieving clients.

 This is the time to choose a new life of fulfillment and purpose.  Through all of this you will need someone to believe in you and bring you hope as you make progress along the way to where life is calling you.

There is so much help and healing in using Meditation.  This is not easy to come by in a place of grief if you are trying to do it by yourself.

Why choose Transitional Life Coaching?

Change comes in many forms throughout our lifespan. Often change can be viewed as positive, such as getting a new job or having a child. Other times change comes in the form of pain and grief such as when we lose a loved one, lose a marriage through divorce, or, in sobriety, become aware of the losses caused by addiction. No matter what form of change, there is loss. It is in this loss that we may become stuck or unable to find our way.

About me

I had begun to call myself the Queen of Change. I was very adaptable and
enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things. I was a young nun who
was moved to a different convent every 2 years. As I grew older and the changes
weren’t so enjoyable, I dropped that title and entered into a very different phase
of life.

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R Joan is an Incredible woman and colleague. I can feel the depth of her Amazing, Heartfelt Energy in her presence and am totally blessed by knowing her! Her unique talent as a coach is a gift to all those who have the opportunity to work with her! 

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