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I had begun to call myself the Queen of Change.  I was very adaptable and enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things.  I was a young nun who was moved to a different convent every 2 years.  As I grew older and the changes weren’t so enjoyable, I dropped that title and entered into a very different phase of life.

The world seemed to be changing.  So was I.  The entrance of alcohol in my life, the attempted rape of my driving instructor, leaving the convent after 18 years, having 6 miscarriages in the first 5 years of my marriage, and the loss of both breasts to cancer, were a series of dramatic and sometimes traumatic losses.   In the end, I lost my 33 year marriage to the disease of alcoholism that had been deeply affecting my beautiful husband, and frightening me.

Each of those change creators are the part of my life that led me into the harsh world of heartache and heartbreak.  In each of those losses I had really lost a piece of myself. I kept asking, “Who am I”?

Grieving each loss is never easy, but there is a gift that reveals itself when grief’s resolution reveals its power.  It is a place when our true heart’s desire is uncovered.  This is a time of awareness and opportunity to discover that we now have a better chance at a better choice.

If you are ready, I can help you through the pain, and stand with you as you discover your true self.   New Life after Loss is the gift of Transition to Transformation.  


  • Transitional Life Coach

  • QSCA Transitional Life Coach

  • Mental Health Counselor

  • Psychotherapist


  • Law of Attraction Certified Coach (LOACC)
    Quantum Success Coaching Academy


  • Southern Connecticut State University
    Master’s Degree
    Mental Health Counseling/Counselor

  • Saint Bonaventure University
    Master’s Degree
    Theology/Theological Studies

  • Mercy College of Education
    Bachelor’s Degree
    Elementary Education and Teaching (2,3,5 and 7)

Volunteer Experience

  • Hospice Grief Counselor

Davis, California 95616



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