Depression is a normal part of our grieving process.  In each loss we also lose a part of ourselves. We seem to be unable to think our way out of the terrible feelings that have disrupted our emotional balance. It is a very dark place in our healing process. We have hit that place of not being able to accept the given reality that has hit us like a ton of bricks. The heaviness is unbearable. What usually happens is the anger will come up in us, and the fighter inside, in an effort to feel some kind of power in our powerlessness, explodes. We might go back into the initial shock, when we were numb. Then the “what ifs” and bargaining begin to try to make sense of everything. This grieving process will swing back and forth and all around until we are worn out. If we can begin to embrace the fullness of our pain, we have a chance to give ourselves credit for letting ourselves know what we know and feel how much it hurts. It is in the acceptance of our given reality that we come to grief resolution. That is where all hope resides. The power of grief’s resolution opens the doorway to a decision to move toward the life we would like to be living. This is the time to choose a new life of fulfillment and purpose. Through all of this you will need someone to believe in you and bring you hope as you make progress along the way to where life is calling you.

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