The greatest of gifts is love.  My husband and I had these words engraved in our wedding rings.  Now if you look at how the marriage ended in divorce you would think it a mockery. The truth is that his wanting a divorce was to spare me the legal problems he would be leaving me if he died first. That year we were meeting every week to work out the details.  It was during those times we had together that our love was rekindled and I was so aware of just how much we loved each other even in the face of what was happening. When the divorce was finalized we hugged on the court house steps. He was surprised and happy I had taken my family name back and wished me well.  Our marriage failed, but our love remained and helped us through.  A year later he died, and he had indeed protected me from the legal ramifications of his discretion.

Love comes in many disguises and is most needed, I believe, in times of grieving.  We need someone who listens deeply to our hearts and connects in a way that is not intrusive.  They hold the best of who we are in a safe place as we try to find the way back home to our innermost self.  Love is the foremost gift that I offer in my service to my grieving clients.  

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