Sometimes In The Winds Of Change We Discover Our True Direction

Updated: Jun 30

Our lives are in a constant state of change. With every change/loss we stand in a place of possibilities. Change makes it necessary to find a new way of being with what has taken place.

This is true whether we had a choice in the loss or the decision was made for us. The grieving process that follows, involves a struggle for emotional balance. This can sometimes be gut wrenching and confusing. Our broken hearts and spirits are in search of peace.

Grief’s resolution reveals its power and gives us the freedom to create a new way of being. I call that a clearing space for grace. This is when we discover our lost true self. This is when we get to answer the question, “Who am I without…” What a wonderful gift of awareness.

There is a spiritual awakening that gives us a better chance at a better choice.


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