Transition to Transformation

Updated: Jun 30

Do you wish you had somebody to help you try to make sense of the broken pieces of your life after a serious loss?

This major transition is painful and agonizing. Losing anyone or anything that had become woven into the fabric of our life creates a deep void. We try to find a way to make sense of what happened. Grieving is unearthing and tumultuous. I am very familiar with this territory. Over the years I have discovered that in each loss I was also losing a piece of myself. Some of the major losses in my life have qualified me to want to help others in this movement of transition to transformation. To name the major losses:

  • Leaving my home at age 17 to follow the call on my heart to be a nun

  • Leaving that truly blest life after 18 years following the emotional turmoil of having been raped

  • 6 miscarriages during the first 5 years of my marriage

  • Struggling into a recovery process after I came to own the fact that I am an alcoholic

  • Going through the chemo, surgeries, radiation and other treatments involved in my double mastectomy

  • My marriage ending in divorce after 33 years

  • Leaving Connecticut to live in California

  • Converting my profession from Psychotherapist to Life Coach

Finding the lost pieces of my lost self in each of these transitions was like finding a treasure. I had actually begun creating a mosaic of my true self. I have also discovered that there is a wonderful gift that reveals itself in the resolution of grief. It is the offer of new life. It helped to have someone listen and be there to help me navigate the rough waters on that journey. My joy in life today is to bring love, hope, help and healing to those suffering from loss. The results can be transformative as our hearts true desires are revealed.


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