New Life After Loss

Updated: Jun 30

Recently I became part of a collaborative book about daring to become authentic.

My story was about my journey through loss to authenticity. In about 5,000 words I told the story of my life, and as I was writing I became aware of the fact that a significant element of growth occurred in the experience of each dramatic change.

When you think about it, our first big loss comes when we are ushered from our mother’s womb. We had to find a way to live in this strange environment. We cried a lot to make our needs known. This was the beginning of our journey unique toward becoming our self.

As a Transitional Life Coach, I offer hope, help and healing in the painful process of loss that disrupts the flow of our life. We struggle to find our balance, and it is a disturbing and emotional time. Once we finally find our way into acceptance of the given reality, we often see ourselves standing alone asking “Now what?” I call this the space of grace. It is where grief resolution reveals its power. Now there is the possibility of new life.

Dramatic changes in my life were the times I needed to have someone listen to my brokenness and confusion. I needed someone to help me find my way back to me.

I can help bring that about for you. Your loss contains within it a transformation into a beautiful new life of purpose and peace.


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