Moving Through Loss With Grace

Updated: Jun 30

Some say that time heals and time reveals.

Significant revelations and healing can be the outcome of each transitional phase during life's various rites of passage. The adventure of this ongoing journey called life provides us the opportunity to participate in the process of creating new life. If I am not clear about what I need to change, I do the dance of being afraid of letting go, and become even more afraid of moving on to unexplored possibilities. I love the saying, "Awareness gives me a better chance at a better choice". It facilitates learning life's lessons. Growing and changing does take courage, and necessary goodbyes are not always a smooth ride. Yet sometimes, in the winds of change, we actually do discover our true direction. The key to deliberate creation is AWARENESS. It gives us a better chance at a better choice.

This process of change is not so easy. C.S. Lewis was right in saying that pain plants the flag of surrender in the fortress of a rebel's heart. Transitions call us forth to new life, but we must first have awareness of what it is we are letting go of, and what it is that we really want.


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