Why choose Transitional Life Coaching?

One of the most difficult things in life is change. Sometimes this change is of our own doing. Other times, we have no control or power over the changes given us.

Change comes in many forms throughout our lifespan. Often change can be viewed as positive, such as getting a new job or having a child. Other times change comes in the form of pain and grief such as when we lose a loved one, lose a marriage through divorce, or, in sobriety, become aware of the losses caused by addiction. No matter what form of change, there is loss. It is in this loss that we may become stuck or unable to find our way.

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist and now life coach, I recognize that when the reality of loss has become accepted, difficult questions arise: "What do I do now? Who am I now...?" I call this "Space for Grace". It occurs when the difficult decision to move forward is made. If a person chooses to move forward, I have witnessed amazing transformations.

My greatest desire is to bring hope, help, and healing to your transformation as you move through loss with grace.

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